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Regular scheduled maintenance is very important for
the longevity of your car. See what we offer below.

Complete IQ Maintenance



What Is Maintenance
and Why Is It Important?

IQ Autoworks | Campbell, CA

Vehicle manufacturers recommend services and parts replacements at certain mileages. Due to the amount of moving parts, these items are considered regular maintenance.

Oil Changes, Tune-Ups, Transmission Oil Changes, Coolant Flushes, Timing Belt Replacements, and Vehicle Inspections are vital to keeping your car going for years to come. At IQ Auto Works, we follow factory maintenance programs and recommendations to the T. Trust IQ Auto Works to explain what each service entails and why it is important to the health of your vehicle. Keeping your vehicle in top operating condition will save you fuel and money, reduce your long-term car maintenance costs, and minimize harmful exhaust emissions. A well-maintained vehicle is also more reliable and in some cases more valuable when you go to sell it. At IQ Auto Works we have both the knowledge and tools to diagnose and correct problems to put you on the road to safe, fuel-efficient driving.


If not properly maintained, virtually all of your vehicle's mechanical systems can affect fuel efficiency. At IQ Auto Works we follow the manufacturer's recommendations for checking the engine, cooling and ignition system and drivetrain and emission-control system. We offer a wide variety of maintenance services including the list below.


• Oil change

• Transmission service

• Tune up and emissions service

• A/C service

• Cooling system / Radiator service

• Vehicle inspections

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Oil Changes

IQ Autoworks | Campbell, CA

Having your oil changed on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car in proper running order. Literally speaking, there is no better way to keep your car in tip top performance and have it run for hundreds of thousands of miles than to keep your oil changed whenever it is recommended by the car manufacturer.

By getting your oil changed on a regular basis, you will not only improve the life of your cars engine, but you will also allow your car to maximize the horsepower it puts on the road; and you can make sure that all of your cylinders are firing and working as properly as when the car was new.
The benefits of oil changes are not so great as the drawbacks of not getting your oil changed, which are catastrophic. While you do increase the life of your engine and keep your horsepower maximized by getting your oil changed regularly, these are not as significant as the problems that can arise if you do not change your oil when it is recommended to do so.
Firstly, not changing your oil often enough can cause significant damage to your engine, as the oil is necessary to keep all of the moving parts lubricated. By not having enough oil or by using oil that has outlived its usefulness (is filled with dirt or has low viscosity), you run the risk of allowing parts to not work as efficiently as they possibly could.
In the long run, such parts grinding together without lubrication in such a stressful environment as an internal combustion engine could eventually lead to such parts fusing together, jamming up or altogether failing. This is catastrophic to your engine, as the engine could simply stop working or actually explode if enough parts refuse to work
At IQ Auto Works we follow your vehicle manufacturers specifications to make sure you get the correct type of oil change!


Standard oil change (most Cars):
• Up to 5 quarts Penzoil Synthetic blend
• Install new oil filter
• Lubricate Chassis

Full Synthetic oil change (most European cars):

• Up to 5 quarts penzoil full synthetic motor oil
• Install new oil filter
• Lubricate chassis

Severe use and high mileage vehicles (over 100k):

• Up to 5 quarts penzoil full synthetic blend high mileage motor oil
• Install new oil filter
• Lubricate chassis

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Tune Ups

IQ Autoworks | Campbell, CA

What is a Tune Up?
Your vehicles engine is a constantly monitored and controlled complex system, but the computer cannot adjust for normal wear on certain items. Keeping your vehicles engine tuned up properly is vital to maintaining optimum performance and fuel mileage.

The Most Common Tune Up
Most engine tune-ups consist of: fuel injection service, spark plugs, ignition wires, fuel filter,distributor cap and ignition rotor. Some new vehicles have a coil per cylinder arrangement that eliminates the distributor cap and ignition rotor, the ignition coil will mount directly on the spark plug via a small rubber boot. The use of fuel injection cleaners and additives can help keep varnish or other contaminants from lowering the performance of the vehicle. No matter what kind of vehicle you drive always use factory replacement parts, they may cost a little more but they will outperform and outlast most all aftermarket parts. We at IQ Auto Works use the highest quality oem parts and computer diagnostics to ensure that your tune-up is done right.

Tune Up Time?
All vehicles need Tune-ups on a scheduled or mileage basis.


If you are experiencing any of these issues with your vehicle you should have It checked by Sockets Auto care.
• Poor Gas mileage
• Hard starting
• Rough running
• Rough idle
• Check engine light on continuously
• Stalling at a stop
• Loss of power in normal driving conditions
• Service reminder indicators on continuously

Tuning Up with IQ Auto Works

We provide a full range of tune-up services and packages depending
your vehicles mileage and manufacturers specifications.

Basic Tune Up:

• Scan Engine computer for faults and driveability
• Visual inspection of your engine
• Replace spark plugs with OEM plugs
  (manufacturers vary depending on oem specifications)
• Replace Distributor Cap and rotor (if applicable)
• Replace ignition coil boot (if applicable)
• 12 month 12000 mile warranty

Full service tune up:

• Scan Engine computer for faults and driveability
• Visual inspection of your engine
• Replace spark plugs with oem plugs
  (manufacturers vary depending on OEM specifications)
• Replace Distributor Cap and rotor (if applicable)
• Replace ignition coil boot (if applicable)
• Replace pcv (positive crankcase ventilation valve)
• Air filter replacement
• Fuel filter replacement
• Fuel system cleaning
• 24 month 24000 mile warranty

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Air Conditioning Services

IQ Autoworks | Campbell, CA

At IQ Auto Works We provide pre-purchase vehicle inspections and mileage interval services such as 30k, 60k, 90k.

All vehicle manufacturers have mileage based service and inspection intervals. These intervals are based on the engineered life expectancy of the parts on your vehicle and the fluid life of different fluids in your vehicle. Getting a Vehicle inspection is the best way to prevent costly breakdowns . At IQ Auto Works We provide pre-purchase vehicle inspections and mileage interval services such as 30k, 60k, 90k. Each vehicle is different but all require inspections to be safe and reliable on the road. We strictly adhere to the factory maintenance service intervals to ensure your vehicles safety and reliability.

A/C Recharge:
• Visually inspect for missing test port caps or leaks
• Test a/c performance and temperature output
• Recylce and Recharge to factory specifications
• Test compressor pressures 

Some Refrigerant leaks are incredibly slow and may require dye injection systems to determine leaking components or lines. 

A/C Repairs that we offer:
• Replacement of A/C compressor
• Replacement of lines fittings or seals
• Evaporator cores
• Condensers and filters
• Hard to find leaks

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Vehicle Inspection

IQ Autoworks | Campbell, CA

Our A/C specialists have the knowledge and equipment to recycle, recharge and repair your A/C system.

Most cars come equipped with an Air Conditioning system for climate control and window defrosting. Since these sytems are comprised of a compressor, evaporator, a/c filters,lines and a refrigerant under constant pressure, its natural for them to loose pressure over time.

Inspections We Perform:
• Pre-purchase inspections
• 30,000 mile inspection
• 60,000 mile inspection
• 90,000 mile inspection
• High mileage inspections
• Brakes and traction control including abs systems
• Tires and wheels
• Emissions systems
• Lighting and horns
• Steering and suspension
• Drive shaft and transmission
• U joints 

Free visual inspection with any service performed upon request.
*does not include rem
oving of parts or mileage interval inspections.

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